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We can improve the effectiveness of your team by training them in the skills they need. When is the best time to schedule a workshop? Now! There will never be a better time to improve the skill levels of your team.

You Select the Topic(s)

Do your team members need to improve communication skills? Do they need to be better time managers? Do they need to manage conflict more effectively? As you explore the list of topics on the right, you may realize that they need a workshop that covers several of these areas.

You Select the Venue

We can conduct the workshop at your facility, or at an offsite location such as a hotel or conference facility. The workshop can be a separate event, or part of your next annual retreat, business conference or quarterly meeting.

A One-Time Event or a Comprehensive Training Program

If you're having a hard time deciding on the right workshops topic(s), because your team could use so many of what is listed on the right, you might want to consider making your first workshop the foundation for a long-term, comprehensive training program. We can work with you to provide the right program for your training needs.

A Free Consultation

Contact us today to schedule a free telephone consultation with Roger Reece to discuss your training needs. Roger will ask you about your organization, your organizational culture, and your immediate & long-term needs. The specific focus will be on a workshop that solves your greatest immediate concerns. After the call, Roger will email a detailed training outline for a customized workshop to meet your criteria. Don't procrastinate. Today is the best day to take action.


Customized Training Workshops

We offer training workshops on a wide range of business topics.  Several of our most popular topics are listed below, with links to our topic-specific websites. If you are interested in a workshop for your organization or team, please contact us for a free consultation. We can combine topics and structure a workshop to fit the specific needs of your group.

Leadership Development

Management vs. Leadership

Many organizations face a leadership gap in their management team: managers and supervisors with the technical know-how to get things done, and the control skills to keep employees in line, but who may be lacking in the leadership skills necessary to build a strong, motivated and productive team. Effective leaders inspire and empower the people on their teams to work effectively and invest themselves in a common vision. Not all managers are leaders - and not all leaders are managers. Individuals at every level of your organization can benefit from learning to bring more ownership and accountability to their work and their lives.

For more information about our Leadership Development Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

Management & Supervisory Skills

What would improving the people-management skills of every member of your management team mean in terms of productivity, morale, teamwork and employee engagement? Managers and supervisors are often promoted to their position because of a strong record of results as an individual producer. But the skills of an excellent individual producer don't automatically translate to effective management. Making the transition from excellent employee to great manager requires a whole new set of skills. We will work with you to design and deliver a management training program tailored to your organization's culture, work environment and industry.

For more information about our Management Training, please visit our topic-specific website at

management training workshop

Conflict Management Skills

Is conflict good or bad? The answer is yes; it all depends on the outcome. Conflict that results in a win-win outcome is good for everyone; relationships are stronger as a result of this kind of conflict. But without the interpersonal skills to effectively manage it, conflict can have a devastating impact on the morale and attitudes of the people involved and on the entire team as well. Through interactive training, facilitated discussions, role play, and group activities and exercises, we can teach everyone in your organization the value of conflict management, and give them skills to achieve win-win outcomes while building strong team relationships.

For more information about our Conflict Management Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

Working with Difficult People

learning to communicate  

Pretty much anyone who works in a team environment could, if asked, name at least one person in their group they would classify as difficult to work with. And of course, the odds are good that they themselves would show up on at least one other person's list of difficult people as well. The fact is, we are all difficult people sometimes. We all have certain behaviors, work habits and emotional triggers that inevitably cause another team member to be annoyed, inconvenienced or distracted by us. What every good team needs is the ability to neutralize difficult behavior in order to keep a healthy team ecology and to work together effectively. Training in these skills as a group will bring a new level of awareness, and the application of new tools for effective communication will bring about dramatic improvements in teamwork.

For more information about our Working with Difficult People Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

  building team spirit

Team Building

The spirit of teamwork is essential to the success of any company, organization, family or relationship. Without realizing it, your managers and team-members may be sabotaging their own team-building efforts on a daily basis, through a lack of awareness of the diverse personalities and behavioral styles of the individuals in the group. Teamwork requires communication, understanding, and the ability to adapt to the behavior and personalities of every member of the team. We can help your team rejuvenate - or rediscover - the spirit of teamwork in your organization. We can help your team recover from the stresses of the everyday work routine with an energizing day of fun with a purpose. We will drive home the importance of team ecology and the responsibility of every team member to maintain it. We will also provide practical tools for improving teamwork and for building a great team.

For more information about our Team Building Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

Interpersonal Skills Role Play  

Interpersonal Communication Skills

Most organizations provide job skills training for their employees, but many overlook the value of interpersonal skills training. Effective communication is a critical skill set, but most people are lacking in these skills. Our interpersonal communication workshops are tailored to the needs of your organization, and cover a wide range of interpersonal skills, including clarity in speaking, active listening, giving and receiving feedback, getting buy-in, resolving conflict, and getting closure. But learning the skills isn't enough. Those skills must be adapted to individual personalities and situations to achieve the desired outcomes. We measure communication effectiveness this way: "The effectiveness of your communication is measured by the response you get." In our interpersonal communication skills workshops, we challenge participants to bring greater awareness to their communication and to measure the effectiveness of every conversation.

For more information about our Interpersonal Communication Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

emotional intelligence

Emotional Intelligence

Your managers and team members are intelligent and capable, but if they are not aware of or cannot control reactive behavior in the grip of emotionally-charged situations, their behavior can negatively affect teamwork, morale and employee retention. While IQ is nearly impossible to improve through training, an individual's emotional intelligence EQ can be significantly improved through training in four key areas: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management. Our emotional intelligence workshops focus on mastering these four critical skill sets during times of emotional stress.

For more information about our Emotional Intelligence Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

Customer Service Skills

customer service team  

When you provide customer service training to your managers and employees, you broadcast a critical message: that without your customers, your organization wouldn't exist. And every interaction your customers have with anyone representing your organization will either help build customer loyalty in that person, or tear it down. Effective customer service demands aptitude in interpersonal communication skills, conflict resolution, managing customer expectations, troubleshooting, problem-solving and follow-up. We design our workshops to thoroughly train your team members in the skills they need to provide excellent customer experience management, focusing on long-term relationship management and maintaining a positive perception in the minds of both your external and internal customers.

For more information about our Customer Service Training Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at


Presentation Skills

Your message is important, but it means nothing if a poor delivery is putting your audience to sleep. Good presenters know that what really matters is not the message, nor is it the materials or the speaker - what matters is how the presentation is received by the audience. Every member of your team - whether they suffer from a fear of public speaking, have difficulty thinking on their feet, or just need help learning how to truly connect with an audience - can benefit from improving their presentation skills.

For more information about our Presentation Skills Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

sales training workshop  

Selling Skills

Our sales training workshops focus on relationship selling and consultative selling techniques. Whether your team does outside sales, telephone sales or inside retail sales, we will structure the workshop to fit your selling environment. If your sales team needs to get back to basics we can offer a Basic Selling Skills 101 workshop. If they need intermediate or advanced selling skills training, we can provide the right program to match their skill levels.

We often include Sales Behavioral Styles assessments with our training workshops. These assessments provide each sales person on your team with an objective look at his/her selling style and challenges. We couple this focus on behavioral styles with training in how to sell to buyers of different styles. Regardless of how seasoned or new-to-selling your salespeople may be, we will energize them with new levels of enthusiasm and proven tools that will take their sales performance to new levels.

For more information about our Sales Training Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at


DISC model  

DISC Behavioral Style Assessments, Training & Certification

The best teams are those whose members have a diversity of skills, backgrounds and experiences. But without a common understanding of the vast differences from one behavioral style to another, a potentially-great team can sink under the weight of constant clashes and miscommunication. Our DISC training workshops are designed to give your team members the tools and skills necessary to understand and appreciate the differences in the people they work with. We train team members to work together effectively in spite of behavioral-style differences. We demonstrate the dangers of projection and of assigning intentions to another person's behavior. Above all, we give your employees a new way to look at their colleagues, with more empathy, less judgement and a greater understanding.

Our DISC training workshops typically include DISC assessments, which are completed by each participant online prior to the training session. Each participant receives an astonishingly accurate 20-page report outlining her/his behavioral style. During the workshops, team members learn about the styles of their teammates as well as common conflicts between their style and those of other coworkers and customers. If you would like to develop your own in-house DISC trainers, we provide DISC certification, train-the-trainer programs and customizable training materials.

For more information about our DISC Training Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

Stress Management Skills

  stress management workshops

In our stress management training workshops, we teach the members of your team how to manage both the external and internal sources of their stress. We provide training and tools for managing the primary external stressors, including deadlines, conflicting priorities, unforeseen problems, change, conflict, and difficult people. The emphasis here is on learning how to prevent unnecessary stress through better resource management. But many stressful situations can't be prevented; and for those situations we provide practical fire-fighting tools.

The primary focus of our stress management training workshops is managing the internal sources of stress. This includes managing worry, obsessive thoughts, emotional reactions and all kinds of stress-inducing thinking and behavior patterns. We provide practical tools for reframing difficult situations, neutralizing stress triggers and turning stressed-out thinking into resourceful thinking. We also provide tools for de-stressing and relaxing into appropriate action. Our stress management training workshops provide stress relief at work as well as at home; the tools we provide can be applied to any situation where stress may sabotage health, productivity and relationships.

For more information about our Stress Management Training Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

productivity jumpstart

Time Management Skills

Time is a limited resource that everyone needs to learn to manage effectively. Our time management training workshops focus on managing priorities, managing tasks & projects, managing interruptions, and avoiding procrastination and other common time-management traps. Each workshop is filled with practical tools & techniques, and every participant receives a complimentary copy of Roger Reece's book, Task-it: Effective Task Management with Outlook. We highly recommend including Time Management Behavior Assessments with your workshop. These assessments identify each participant's time management behaviors & challenges, and provide a framework for personal productivity improvement. Our time management workshops are designed to improve both personal and team productivity, and include tips and techniques to maximize team process improvement. For teams that would like to implement formal project-management tools and practices, we can include a project management training module as a part of the workshop.

For more information about our Time Management Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

balancing work and life  

Work-Life Balance

The best teams are engaged, enthusiastic and resourceful. They are comprised of people who have a passion for work and a passion for life in general. But when team members lose their work-life balance, productivity and work-life satisfaction suffer. An individual can lose that balance when stress levels are high; when personal, health and relationship problems grow and remain unsolved; or when either family-life or work don't get the right amount of time and focus. Our work-life balance workshops are designed to help employees achieve and maintain that balance. The result is improved productivity, team ecology and motivation.

For more information about our Work-Life Balance Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

worrying about the future  

Embracing Change

The productivity of your team may be suffering right now because team members have become preoccupied with changes brought on a fluctuating economy, restructuring, mergers, downsizing or budget cuts. You may be noticing a drop in focus simply from hints of an oncoming change. If you are currently undergoing or anticipate major changes in your organization, your managers and employees may need help adjusting to a new perspective. Our embracing change workshops teach teams how to effectively deal with change: how to see and align themselves with a new, shared vision for the future; how to steer themselves through the dips and valleys of the transition curve and then help others through their own transitions; and how to reframe and develop new mental models to face uncertainty with a new confidence and renewed purpose.

For more information about our Embracing Change Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

  creative view

Creative Thinking & Innovation

Your organization's success depends on the ability of your teams to meet goals and solve problems. In this light, the value of creative thinking is tremendous. If a team can continually discover new ways of looking at goals, objectives, problems and obstacles, they can dramatically improve productivity. Creative thinking is an asset for everyone at your company - not just for the designers or R&D department. Our creative thinking workshops teach people how to reframe problems and challenges as opportunities for creative solutions. Let us help you eliminate stuck thinking and can't-do attitudes by maximizing the creative potential of every member of your team.

For more information about our Creative Thinking Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

Buford in workshop  

Motivation, Entertainment & Fun

Whatever the practical needs of your organization in terms of training, it is important that the experience also be positive, motivating and fun for your team. Our programs are inclusive and highly interactive; there are no spectators. Our workshops aim to reach participants of a broad range of learning styles; a typical workshop includes role-play exercises, small-group breakout sessions and debriefs, games, competitions, team-building exercises and process facilitation. For an extra dose of fun, you can even request "two speakers for the price of one": Roger Reece and his rambunctious alter-ego Buford P. Fuddwhacker. Buford is a perfect caricature of the glad-handing, homespun, feel-good motivational speaker: a hilariously over-the-top hype-man/country-philosopher who will get your audience out of their seats and laughing uproariously.

For more information about our Fun Motivational Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

Effective Training Workshops that Result in Behavioral Change

Every one of our workshops has a single primary goal: behavioral change. The force of habit can keep people stuck doing what they have always done. But as the saying goes, "If you always do what you always did, you'll always get what you always got." Albert Einstein said it another way, in his famous definition of insanity: "Repeating the same behavior, expecting a different result." Our training workshops get people unstuck. We teach them to look at their work in new ways and we give them the training and tools they need to overcome the force of habit. Contact us to schedule a workshop that will bring about positive changes in the behavior of your team.


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