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For Meeting Planners:

Contact us for references, videos, and any information you may need to determine whether Roger Reece is the right speaker for your event.

Selecting the Right Speaker

Selecting the right speaker is about getting the right combination of stage presence and expertise. Roger Reece is a motivational speaker who connects with every audience. He is also an expert in the areas of teamwork, productivity and leadership. Roger conducts over 150 keynote presentations and seminars every year and coaches many of the top leaders of organizations across North America. Roger speaks from experience and will exceed your expectations as your keynote speaker.

Selecting the Right Topic

Some keynote speakers have one or two "signature keynotes" that they deliver over and over again. Because of Roger Reece's vast experience and expertise, he speaks on a wide range of topics and can zero in on the perfect topic for your audience. Roger will work with you to craft the right presentation, rather than asking you to select a canned presentation from a menu. This allows you to fit the keynote to your agenda and message.

Promoting the Event

We can help you to promote the event by providing you with session descriptions, bio, photographs and anything you may need in your efforts to get the word out. Contact us for fresh ideas on event marketing, and specifically, for building excitement about the keynote speaker.

Coordinating the Details

We are easy to work with and will handle the details, working closely together with you. We have our own professional audio/visual equipment and can provide you with a high-quality HD video of the keynote and other portions of your event if you are interested. Contact us for ideas about staging the presentation to get the best effects for your audience and venue. And if you have it all covered, we will fit into your logistics, staying in close communication so everything will come off like clockwork.


A Keynote Presentation for Your Next Event

Roger Reece is a dynamic professional keynote speaker who can energize your next event with a fun and challenging opening or closing keynote presentation. If you are planning a conference, business meeting or annual event, let Roger set the right tone. Below are a few of our most popular presentation topics, with links to more information on our topic-specific websites.

leadership presentations  

Leadership Development

Leadership is a quality distinct from any business title or position. It is a concept rooted in a sense of ownership: of facing every conflict or difficult situation with a feeling of purpose, responsibility, and confidence in one's abilities. Leadership development is not just for managers; everyone at your organization can benefit from bringing more leadership into their lives. Leadership is a value closely aligned with ownership - of a problem, of a conflict, of any situation that comes your way - and it underpins much of what we teach in training. Leaders inspire others to follow, and their presence brings out the best in the people around them. In Roger Reece's leadership presentations he challenges everyone in the audience to engage in their own leadership development as well as in the development of future leaders around them.

For more information about our Leadership Development Presentations, please visit the Presentations page of our topic-specific website at

  efficient vs. effective customer service

Customer Service

Customer Service is often thought of in narrow terms: as a job for your retail clerks or customer support representatives. But customer service is relevant to every part of your organization. The skills that lead to excellent Customer Experience Management are skills that benefit everyone, in every facet of your business: an emphasis on the customer's experience; on effective communication, empathy, and problem-solving; on conflict management and win-win negotiation. And customer service is not limited to external customers. Everyone in your organization has customers, many of whom are internal customers. The heart of customer service is relationship management, and that's the focus of Roger Reece's customer service keynote presentations.

For more information about our Customer Service Presentations, please visit the Presentations page of our topic-specific website at

the stress trap  

Stress Management

Stress management is one of our most popular presentation topics. Stress is a good thing when it motivates you get moving and get the job done, but some forms of stress can debilitate you and sabotage your productivity, your health and your relationships. In Roger Reece's stress management presentations, he differentiates between the external sources of stress and the internal sources of stress. Roger offers tools for managing the external deadlines, demands and conflicts that breed stress, as well as the internal thoughts, emotions and negative reactions that can pull you down and hinder your joy, passion and vision for life and career.

Roger offers tools for reframing difficult situations into opportunities and reprogramming the neural pathways in your brain... for success. If you want to challenge your audience to wake up and start living life to the fullest, Roger Reece is the right speaker and this is the right topic for you.

For more information about our Stress Management Presentations, please visit the Presentations page of our topic-specific website at

  doorway to change

Embracing Change

If you and your team have recently gone through major changes, or if you anticipate changes in the near future, embracing change may be the perfect topic for your next event's opening keynote presentation. People often react negatively to change, and those reactions can have an adverse effect on productivity, morale and teamwork. The outcomes of change can be good or bad, depending on how people respond to the changes. Roger Reece will reframe perceptions about change and provide a new framework for processing the changes that occur at work, at home and around the world. Roger's embracing-change keynotes are optimistic, energetic and filled with powerful tools for changing your audience's mental models about change.

For more information about our Embracing Change Presentations, please visit the Presentations page of our topic-specific website at

stuck in old patterns  

Creative Thinking & Innovation

We all have a tendency to get stuck in our thinking. It can create patterns of complacency and keep us from taking advantage of opportunities to attain new levels of success. If you're looking for a fast-paced, fun and creative keynote presentation, bring Roger Reece in to deliver an energizing keynote on creative thinking.

Creative thinking is all about looking at old things in new ways. The definition of innovation is : "A new product, process or system that replaces its accepted predecessor and renders it obsolete." When creativity and innovation are combined, people begin to realize their full potential as agents of positive change. Roger's creative-thinking presentations are filled with activities and audience interaction. Don't let your audience look at your upcoming business meeting with old eyes. Let Roger Reece make this event a truly creative experience.

For more information about our Creative Thinking Presentations, please visit the Presentations page of our topic-specific website at

Sales Motivation & Selling Skills

  the value equation

Are you looking for ways to energize your next sales event while driving home an important message? Roger Reece will work with you to take the message you want to deliver and integrate it into a fun, high-energy, motivational keynote. Roger's sales keynotes focus on selling solutions, selling value and achieving results, while staying motivated and at the top of your game. Roger emphasizes the value of developing influence skills, and combines influence with relationship selling and consultative selling. Sales motivation without substance is hype. Roger's keynote will get your sales team motivated and give them practical tools for achieving success.

For more information about our Sales Training Presentations, please visit the Presentations page of our topic-specific website at

Roger & Buford  

Fun & Entertaining Motivational Keynotes

The choice between substance and big-laugh entertainment in a keynote speaker or presenter is a tough one. You want a jolt of entertainment and fun to energize your audience, but you don't want to give up the chance to deliver a powerful message to your team. Thankfully, you don't have to choose - because with Roger Reece Seminars, you can opt for "two speakers for the price of one": Roger and his alter-ego, the outrageous Buford P. Fuddwhacker! Buford is an over-the-top parody of the glad-handing, feel-good motivational speaker; his presentations are all audience-participation, laughter, music and dancing. Hidden within the zaniness, however, is a deeper message of the enormous potential of behavioral change, and the strength of personal power to produce phenomenal results. That's the message that Roger Reece brings to light and then drives home to the audience when it's his turn to take the floor.

For more information about our Fun Motivational Keynotes and Presentations, please visit the Presentations page of our topic-specific website at


Jumpstart Your Next Event with a High-Energy Keynote Presentation

If you host a quarterly or annual event, don't make the next one like the last one. Surprise everyone with something new, fun, entertaining and valuable that they will remember long after the event has ended. Contact us today for a free consultation with Roger Reece. Roger will strategize with you on how, together, you can make this event a great success. How you start the event sets the tone for the rest of the program. How you end it leaves your audience with a feeling and a message that should be a distillation of the essence of the event that they will carry with them. Let Roger Reece do your opening and closing keynote, and possibly a few sessions during the event.

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