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Getting a Coach

Finding the right coach is important. But taking the steps to get a coach is even more important. We can help you get started.

Phone, Skype or Face-to-Face Coaching

Roger Reece is an experienced success coach who can help you achieve higher levels of success in all areas of your life. We offer telephone or Skype coaching programs that are highly effective, convenient and economical. We also offer onsite, face-to-face coaching programs.

An Introductory Coaching Package

The best way to get started is with an introductory telephone or Skype coaching package. We can provide you with a very low-cost program that will give you the opportunity to evaluate the effectiveness of the coaching, without the obligation to continue beyond the initial introductory period. Contact us for information and fees. You can get two months of coaching for less than you would pay to attend a typical one-day training seminar. You owe it to yourself to give it a try.

Individual & Small Group Coaching

Your interest may be in for coaching for yourself, or you may be interested in coaching for someone else in your organization or for your team. We offer small-group coaching programs as well as one-on-one coaching.

Building Confidence

If you need to build your confidence in areas such as working with people at higher levels, influencing people, presenting your ideas or negotiating agreements, we can offer you powerful tools for building confidence and for increasing your effectiveness in all your interactions.

Developing Personal Power

We define personal power as the capacity to influence the thinking and behavior of others, even when you have no authority over them. This is not manipulation - it is leadership. Our coaching programs will increase your personal power.

Improving Relationships

Your relationships with the people in authority to you, and with your peers, employees, customers, and the people in your personal life, are very important. Our coaching programs will help you improve your relationships and your people skills.

Overcoming the Force of Habit

The force of habit is your most formidable barrier in achieving new levels of success. No matter who you are, your conscious and unconscious habits of thinking and behavior are holding you back. Roger Reece will provide you with new tools for reprogramming your thinking and behavior for success.

Take Action Today

You can think about coaching for years, but thinking won't get you there. Contact us today to get started with an introductory coaching package.


One-On-One and Small Group Coaching

  behavior coaching

Training is a critical component in developing people and teams. You may also consider one-on-one and small group coaching for your managers and key employees. Coaching is a powerful tool for bringing about behavioral change, and in many cases it may be a more effective solution than training. We offer onsite, telephone and Skype coaching for the executives, managers, supervisors and key contributors in your organization. They are successful, but they have challenges. If you have talked with them about those challenges and feel they could use more help, contact us to find out more about our coaching programs.

Behavior Coaching

Our success depends on our behavior; and our behavior is largely the result of our programming. We all have deeply-ingrained habit patterns within us that lead to behaviors that, often, get in the way of our own success. Behavior coaching is about breaking old self-defeating behavior patterns and replacing them with new behaviors that bring success. Many talented and successful people have patterns of controlling behavior, aggressiveness, passive-aggressiveness, anger, non-assertiveness, conflict avoidance or defensiveness. How successful could these individuals be if they could overcome these old behavioral patterns?

You can send an employee to an anger-management seminar, but don't expect much change to come from a one-day class. Behavior coaching helps individuals to stop sabotaging their ability to achieve their full potential, by offering them tools and techniques for transformational personal growth and change. An anger-management seminar is good, but anger-management coaching is better - because it gets to the heart of the problem and provides individual focus and attention. Whether you are interested in behavior coaching for yourself, or for key individuals who may have blind spots that are holding them back, behavior coaching may be the perfect solution.

For more information about our Workplace Behavior Coaching, please visit our topic-specific website at

Life / success coaching  

Life / Success Coaching

Life coaching and success coaching are about helping you to become successful in the areas of your life that are important to you - such as your career, your job skills, your relationships, your people and influence skills, your family, your health, and your overall life skills. You're already successful, so why would you need life / success coaching? When you graduated from high school, you may have asked yourself, "I'm educated, so why should I go to college?" And you made your choice. Many people go back to college because they realize they can benefit from more education. You may be successful in certain areas of your life, but you may need some help with your overall life / success strategies. Life / success coaching is about getting it all together and experiencing a truly successful life.

For more information about our Life / Success Coaching, please visit our topic-specific website at

  management coaching workshop

Management Coaching

When individual producers become managers, they often need to unlearn old achiever patterns and learn new behaviors to help build their teams, such as encouragement, motivation, people development, employee coaching, etc. Our management coaching programs are designed to fundamentally change the mental models of your managers and give them the tools and processes to understand and change their behavior. We offer one-on-one coaching, coaching workshops for small groups of managers and supervisors, or a program combining individual coaching with small-group workshops at regular intervals, to help your management team develop strategies to resolve personal and team issues together and ensure that everyone on the team shares a common vision for the organization's future.

For more information about our Management Training, please visit our topic-specific website at

applying coaching skills  

Conflict Management Coaching

Wherever people work together, there will be conflict. And most people just aren't that good at conflict management and conflict resolution. You may have a manager who has difficulty controlling angry or emotional outbursts with employees; or there may be an executive on your team who needs to learn how to be more assertive and proactive in confronting direct reports; or a key employee may need assistance in dealing effectively with difficult customers. Effective conflict management is a skill set that requires effective listening, negotiation skills, and the ability to connect with others while neutralizing emotional reactions.

Our one-on-one coaching and coaching workshops provide new insights and tools the participant or team can use to effectively manage and resolve conflict while at the same time building teamwork and good working relationships.

For more information about our Conflict Management Coaching, please visit our topic-specific website at

  difficult people

Working with Difficult People

A difficult person is someone you have a hard time communicating with, working with and establishing cooperation with. Our definition of effective communication is: "The effectiveness of your communication is measured by the response you get." So rather than blaming difficult people for the failure to communicate, we provide managers and employees with coaching in how to work effectively with even the most difficult people.

Attending a training class on working with difficult people is good; but coaching focuses on the actual difficult situations, providing the person being coached with specific tools and strategies that will make the difference in their own daily encounters. Sometimes your difficult people include your boss or someone you work very closely with. A good coach can help you with your blind spots and help you to solve the problems you thought were unsolvable. Roger Reece will get you through the difficulties and help you build invaluable skills in the process.

For more information about our Working with Difficult People Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

  interpersonal connections

Interpersonal Communication Coaching

An executive, middle manager, supervisor or key employee's interpersonal communication skills can have a huge impact on the entire team. Everyone can benefit from interpersonal skills training - but it is particularly crucial if the communication skills of your organization's leaders are lacking. The fastest and most effective way to improve a leader's communication skills is through one-on-one coaching. Our coaching clients receive focused, individual attention to help them convert their personal communication challenges and weaknesses into strengths that will be leveraged throughout the organization.

For more information about our Interpersonal Communication Coaching, please visit our topic-specific website at

reframing reactions  

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Some managers and employees are great performers and team players until their emotions trip them up. Low emotional intelligence (low EQ) can cause highly intelligent people to lose it when emotions flare. Sometimes they perceive the actions of others as personal attacks. Sometimes they find themselves in the middle of a neural hijack - a term used to describe the brain's knee-jerk negative reactions to emotional situations. In these situations, low-EQ people tend to sabotage relationships and teamwork without meaning to do so.

Emotional states can be managed and controlled. Our emotional intelligence coaching programs provide managers and employees with real-time tools they can use when emotions are high, to neutralize negative reactions and help them gain a clear perspective on how best to navigate the situation. One such tool is cognitive reframing: a real-time process for changing your perception and seeing the situation from a new perspective. Enemies are reframed as potential allies and team-members, and problems are reframed as opportunities. These kinds of techniques must be practiced in order to master them, and coaching is the best way of ensuring the individual is getting it right. Our emotional intelligence coaching can raise the EQs of your key managers and employees, making a tremendous improvement in team ecology.

For more information about our Emotional Intelligence Coaching, please visit our topic-specific website at

  DISC coaching workshop

DISC Coaching

The DISC Behavioral Style Model and DISC assessments are powerful tools for understanding the styles and behavioral patterns of coworkers. In our one-on-one and small-group coaching programs, we use DISC tools to help individuals to better understand themselves and others. These insights spur greater levels of cooperation and teamwork throughout the organization. DISC provides insights into the sources of personality conflicts, and provides the basis for new communication and relationship strategies to build stronger working relationships. In his coaching sessions, Roger Reece helps his clients to develop specific goals and strategies for breaking down barriers and solving interpersonal problems.

For more information about our DISC Coaching Workshops, please visit our topic-specific website at

overloaded inbox  

Time Management Coaching

Everyone approaches time management differently. Our coaching programs are designed to help you improve your productivity by streamlining your workflow, updating your systems and processes for prioritizing and performing your work, and by improving your thinking and behavior around managing time. We work with our clients to develop a personal time management action plan, and we provide them with valuable tools and techniques for improving their productivity. Because coaching is far more personal than attending a training class, we can focus on changing personal work habits that have kept the individual client stuck for years.

For more information about our Time Management Coaching, please visit our topic-specific website at

  Roger and coaching client laughing

Work-Life Balance Coaching

Few people are successful in all areas of their lives. Some who excel at work are failing in their personal relationships and home life. With others it may be reversed. Career, daily work, work relationships, friendships, love relationships, family, education, community involvement and spiritual well-being are all important. In our work-life balance coaching programs, we help you to define what success in each area of your life is, and then we help you develop the right goals to achieve it. As your coach, Roger Reece will help you see past your blind spots and self-defeating habit patterns, and will guide you towards building new, productive habits for achieving all your goals. If you have unrealistic goals, you may need to decide which activities to say "no" to, and you may need a strong dose of reality. Roger will help you to find your path to success through self-awareness, vision, goals, a clear action plan and self-management.

For more information about our Work-Life Balance Coaching, please visit our topic-specific website at


Presentation Skills

Feedback is critical to improving your presentation skills. Working with a professional speaking skills coach is the fastest and most effective way to hone in on your strengths and weaknesses and identify where you need the most attention. Coach Roger Reece himself made the journey from a crippling fear of public speaking to a successful career as a keynote presenter, so no matter where you stand, Roger understands personally how you feel and knows what to do to take your presentation skills to the next level.

For more information about our Presentation Skills Coaching, please visit our topic-specific website at

Success, Achievement & Sustainable Behavioral Change

Interestingly enough, the people who seek out a success coach tend to be the most successful people. They are successful enough to know that there is more they are not seeing or achieving, and they go after it. Many people look at coaching defensively, thinking, "I'm successful enough; I can do this on my own." And very few of those who have not yet achieved much success ever seek help. Regardless of your self-evaluation, you can discover and achieve more through success coaching. Some people need to crank up their careers; others need to tone it down and pay attention to their families. What do you need? We can help. Contact us today to learn about our introductory coaching packages. Give it a try. What do you have to lose? You certainly have much to gain. And if there are managers and key employees in your organization who can benefit from success coaching, get the ball rolling right away. We look forward to hearing from you.


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