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Your people are the most valuable resource in your organization. Our workshops, coaching programs and presentations are designed to increase the value of your people by building teamwork, improving productivity and increasing leadership skills. Whether you are interested in a one-time training session for one team or an ongoing training and coaching program for your entire organization, we can provide an effective solution. Our clients include businesses within a wide range of industries, government agencies, educational institutions and non-profit organizations (see our client list on the About page of this website). We are dedicated to helping organizations, teams and individuals to dramatically improve teamwork, productivity and leadership.

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Training Workshops

Our training workshops and seminars are fun, fast-paced and engaging. We structure our training programs to reach a broad range of learning styles by incorporating role-play exercises, team-building activities, facilitated discussions, interactive business simulations, and real-world case studies. Our programs are customized to meet your needs and objectives. We do not offer canned lectures or standardized public seminars. All of our training programs are created and delivered by Roger Reece, to ensure a consistent quality of results. Visit the Workshops page of this website for more information about our training workshops.



If you are planning a conference, business meeting, or retreat, we can help you jump-start the event with a powerful opening keynote or closing keynote to set the right tone. We can also provide training and team building sessions to enhance the overall program. Roger Reece is a dynamic motivational speaker who will energize your audience and deliver a message with substance. Roger has a fun, personable, engaging presence on stage, while remaining down-to-earth and authentic. He never fails to connect with his audience. Visit the Presentations page of this website for more information about Roger Reece's keynote presentations.



Coaching is the most effective way to change behaviors, improve skills and ensure the successful growth of any individual in your organization. We provide one-on-one coaching for individuals, and small-group coaching for teams, to achieve the kind of focused results that training classes alone can never provide. We get to the heart of behavioral issues and help our clients to see blindspots in the areas that have been holding them back.

We will work with you to develop the right coaching program for your organization. We can conduct face-to-face coaching sessions at your location or by phone or Skype. We can schedule a series of regular sessions over a defined period of time, or work on an as-needed basis. We can combine coaching for key managers and employees with a comprehensive training program for your entire organization. Visit the Coaching page of this website for more information.

Improving Team Ecology

Team Ecology

Every organization and every team is a social system, and systems theory tells us that everything that anyone does affects everyone on the team. One measure of an effective team is the ecology of that team. When the ecology is good, employees feel good about their work and they have a high degree of engagement. When team ecology is poor, productivity suffers and employee engagement drops dramatically.

In our training and coaching programs we focus on improving team ecology. Managing ecology is every team member's responsibility, and the tools for doing so are communication, conflict management, negotiation skills and emotional intelligence. We provide managers and employees with the skills to respectfully confront behavioral problems and to work together to resolve difficulties.

Increasing Leadership & Ownership


Every manager needs to be an effective leader, but leadership should not be limited to managers. Our training and coaching programs build leadership behaviors, skills and values. Leadership is about doing what needs to be done without needing to be told. Leadership is about taking ownership of team goals and going above and beyond compliance with duties, regulations and processes. Leadership and ownership together produce a can-do attitude and a sense of personal empowerment that form the core of every strong team.

Investing in Your Most Valuable Resources

Take a new sense of ownership in building your team. Work with us to develop your people - your most valuable resources. Contact us today for a free telephone consultation with Roger Reece. During the call, Roger will work with you to map out a first-steps plan for improving teamwork, productivity and leadership among the members of your organization. Your investment in effective training and coaching will yield a high rate of return. Let us work with you to make it happen.


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